Exmet Group cares equally about the sustainability of both the natural and the social environment and we do everything that we can to ensure that the decisions that we make today go towards designing a better tomorrow.

Our management model is based on principles of sustainability, ethics, and balance. We hold certifications in occupational health, safety, quality, and environmental management. These certifications serve as evidence that we strive for greater sustainability both in a safe work and natural environment, as well as in our overall management.

We participate actively in community life and support the talented Estonian youth in the fields of culture and sport.



The Exmet Group sustainability program „Green Light“ helps us make our contribution into designing a better today and tomorrow.

  • Our goal is to continuously reduce Exmet’s environmental footprint.
  • Part of our management principles align with global sustainable development goals. The most important ones for us are clean energy, infrastructure and technology innovation, responsible production, and the overall reduction of climate impact.
  • We consider a sustainable, ethical, and balanced management model essential.
  • We have been awarded certificates in occupational health, safety, quality, and the environment. These certificates demonstrate our commitment to consistently promote sustainability – not only in terms of a safe work and natural environment but also in our overall management approach.
  • We collaborate with our partners to ensure sustainable supply chains.
  • Our top priority is adhering to the highest work safety standards.
  • We create favorable opportunities for our employees to promote their health and well-being and maintain a work-life balance.
  • We value our employees and invest in their continuous development by providing professional training, career opportunities, and a supportive team.
  • As a growing organization, we consider promoting local employment important.
  • We actively engage in community life and support the self-realization of talented Estonian youth in culture and sports.
Take a look at our principles of ethics.

Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir & Tallinn Chamber Orchestra

As a responsible enterprise, the Exmet Group supports Estonian culture by backing the world famous conductor Tõnu Kaljuste and the projects of Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir and Tallinn Chamber Orchestra – important representatives for Estonia. Thanks to the support of Exmet these groups jointly brought out a unique concert series in 2021/2022 season called “Autoritund” (Author hour), which portrayed the creations of Estonian composers Kristjan Randalu, Tõnu Kõrvits, and Arvo Pärt.

Additionally, the groups and Tõnu Kaljuste fulfilled a joint dream of presenting world classics together with valued soloists and large stage casts. A shining example of that was Beethoven’s “Missa Solemnis” which was brought to stage for the 250th birthday of the composer. During the season, these music events were enjoyed by 5500 people. The joint force of Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, and Tõnu Kaljuste has the capability to develop the Estonian musical culture and do it with the best quality. The 2014 year Grammy is a definite proof of that.

The support of Exmet is important for us in taking further steps in our endeavors.

Tõnu Kaljuste

Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Tallinn Chamber Orchestra

Team Ampler-Tartu 2024

Exmet Group supports the only Baltic bike team registered in the international bike association UCI named Team Ampler-Tartu 2024. The team’s main goal is to be a springboard from youth sports to professional sports. The team includes male bikers under the age of 23, men from Tartu and also the best young male bikers from the Baltics and Finland. The successor team competes in the Europe Tour series, competing with the world’s strongest Pro Continental level teams. This team has been part of the growth and support of some great bikers who have moved on to the best professional teams in the world, men such as Norman Vahtra, Rait Ärm, Markus Pajur, Antti Jussi Juntunen, Ukko Peltonen, etc. The lead riders of the 2022 season are Lithuanian Aivaras Mikutis and Estonian Madis Mihkels, who has already agreed on a contract with the top team Intermarche-Wanty Group Gobert for 2023. At the end of May, Mihkels won the Tallinn-Tartu stage of the Estonian Velotuur, being ahead of the men from a top team in the world named Bike Exchange. This proves that with good support, young men can compete with the best in the world and get professional contracts in top teams.


Manager of Team Ampler-Tartu 2024

Paide Linnameeskond

Cooperation with Exmet has convinced me how important and vital is the support of a responsible company for a small communal sports club whose main wish is to strive outside the capital city.

The balanced move of the Paide Linnameeskond to join the top of the Estonian football teams, being successful in the euroseries, enabling young football players to move to soccer fields across Europe – all of that has always relied on work done with hearts in Järvamaa, where our football school has hundreds of children not just from Paide, but also from the smallest villages in the county. The support of Exmet gives us the chance to offer these kids the same opportunities and output as city kids.

Even more: the contribution of Exmet towards the children’s and youth football development for example through the football tournament called Exmet Ülejõe Karikas is something that shows the openness and good hearts of the people of Exmet.

In a world where success is measured through power, force and money, the support of Exmet gives our football club completely different values and we will always work towards upholding them: friendship, togetherness, communities, and health.

Veiko Veskimäe

President of Paide Linnameeskond


Wrestling is Estonia’s most successful Olympic sport throughout history, and fortunately we still have the best in this field today.
We are happy that the offspring is also coming.
Estonian youth have won 5 medals in title competitions this year, and Epp Mäe has added two more in the adult age group. We thank the Exmet Group for their support, which we can channel into youth development so that our wrestling can continue to be successful.

Jaanika Kaljola

General Secretary of Estonian Wrestling Federation


The Throwers Competition Series is one of the oldest competition series in Estonia, going on 53 years.

Exmet’s great cooperation with the Throwers Competition Series has been ongoing for more than 15 years. The head of the Exmet Group has participated in this series as a competitor. Now he is taking part of the series as a supporter and advisor. The series has also grown during this time. We have put a lot of emphasis in developing the series for the youth and now for the last two years we have competitions all across Estonia – in Rakvere for the Eastern region, in Tartu for the Southern region, and in Pärnu for the South-Eastern region. The goal is to take the competition to everyone who may be interested and to show other event organizers how events should be created with our excellent organization and prize pool. The other direction we are working on is the adult series which we have developed into an international competition. In last years, we have had competitors from Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Island, Jamaica, Slovenia, Ukraine, and Poland. We have had several world champions and Olympic gold medalists’ part-take in our competitions. For the next year we have accomplished that our largest competition Viimsi Gala will be ranked on European Level D with the help of the Estonian Athletics Association. This gives the competition even more importance as the rating points will be higher.

The difference in the last year was that we organized the finals for the youth and the adult series together in Kohila. It was a great idea, the competition turned out well, and we had quite a large number of participants.

Our goal for the future is to build the youth series to a level that it can become a joint competition for sportsmen across the Baltics and Scandinavia. Since it is a competition series and it is necessary to compete in minimum of three events from the five total events, we are advertising in the sports unions of our neighbouring countries and are looking for ways of cooperation.

In the adult series, we will ensure to keep our elite competition Viimsi Gala on the map and raise the rating level. We will need more funds and partners to achieve that.

Ants Kiisa

The main organiser of the Throwers Competition Series


It is always great news when you find a new cooperation partner for your team. We started our partnership with Exmet last season. We are delighted that this will continue. We are thankful and proud of this partnership. Our team includes members from abroad and now we are even happier that also our partners include an international level.


Exmet is one of those companies that support our team’s chances to play and be successful on a top level. We are also able to offer team supporters exciting volleyball and memorable experiences.

Thank you on behalf of all of us and we hope to see you at our games!

Juha Jämsén

President of LiigaPloki


The cooperation with Exmet shows the importance of our mission “Towards a better and healthier Estonia” and our shared values. The club has the needed additional resources for our large goals through our cooperation with Exmet – we wish to be one of the biggest and most attractive basketball clubs in Estonia, which offers great conditions, trainings, and competitions for everyone – from recreational athletes to top players, from children to adults. We have worked towards this goal step by step and with great determination and Basketball Club Viimsi was selected as the best sports club in Harju county in 2021. We are the home club for more than seven hundred basketball players. Our representative team is playing in the Estonian-Latvian basketball league for the second year, with silver medals to show for our debut season. The contribution of Exmet is important both for the basketball school and the representative team, but even more, Exmet helps us to face the community in everything we do, being guided by the principles of an honest game, loyalty, openness, positivity and working together.

Tanel Einaste

Founding member and CEO of Basketball Club Viimsi