Reorganisation of the economic activity of Exmet Services

Reorganisation of the economic activity of Exmet Services

Exmet Services OÜ, a production company belonging to Exmet Group, started a multi-year investment programme last year with the purpose to expand the services provided to companies operating in the field of metal and machinery industry. By now, a new production building with renewed equipment has been completed. The new production building has been tailored to our production needs and the current high standards of energy efficiency, the energy sources also including a 1.1MWh solar park. With the new factory, we are bringing unique capabilities to the market enabling our customers process elements with larger parameters than before. The total investments exceed 16 million euros, and the new equipment enables the company to increase our market share also in the Nordic countries. 15% to 25% of the funds for the construction of the new factory and purchase of equipment come from the merged Enterprise Estonia and KredEx under the support of a large investor and the Green ICT measure of Norway. As a result of investments, we are creating 18 new jobs mainly aimed at highly qualified employees.

At the group level, Exmet has made a strategic decision to stop the production of welded structures for the Estonian building sector after fulfilling the obligations already undertaken. The goal is to focus on the implementation of the new strategy and also partner with companies who have previously seen us mainly as competitors. As a result of termination of a business line, 24 jobs will be made redundant, but if the employees have suitable knowledge and skills, they will be offered a possibility to retrain.

We hope that the investments enable the partners of the Exmet Group to enhance their production and compete successfully on export markets.

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